Loyal Christian Benefit Association Medicare Supplement

Loyal Christian Benefit Association Medicare Supplement

About LCBA

LCBA is a fraternal benefit society, a not-for-profit corporation organized and operating solely for the benefit of its members and their beneficiaries. As such, it's not beholden to pay shareholders. Instead, LCBA chooses to return its earnings from the sale of financial service products to its member customers and their communities, in the form of direct member benefits and support of local community service projects. 

LCBA was founded in 1890 as the Ladies Catholic Benevolent Association in Titusville, Pennsylvania and in the 1960’s changed their name to Loyal Christian Benefit Association, opening membership to all Christian faiths.

Today, it remains rooted in Erie, Pennsylvania, serving 33,000 Christians in 35 states and District of Columbia. Like for-profit life and health insurers, LCBA offers insurance products and is chartered in accordance with and under the supervision of state insurance law. 

LCBA members receive special benefits – but at no extra cost.

  • Church or charity donation on member's behalf
    A donation of $75 will be made in the name of a member to the qualified church or charity of his or her choice after 13 months as an LCBA member
  • Scholarship benefits
    Scholarship opportunities for members and their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren
  • Discount program benefits: 
    • Identity recovery assistance after ID theft
    • Free hearing screening
    • Discounts for hearing aids
    • Prescription savings program
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